Required Cruise Documents

Required Cruise Documents? What do I need for my cruise?

Required Cruise Documents

Who would not love to travel across the world? This is an activity that can relieve stress as well as give us new discoveries.

However, before we reach our dream travel destination, we need to provide proper travel documents.

These document requirements vary by your residence and citizenship.

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Take personal responsibility for determining and acquiring the required documentation before your cruise. Failure to present a complete set of required cruise documents, you may not be allowed to board the ship. Not only that, most cruise line companies do not issue a refund for this reason.

Other than being complex, documentation requirements may change at any time. This means that you should visit authoritative sources to get the latest list of requirements and overseas travel advisories. We recommend IVISA.COM for all your visa and passport requirements if there are any!

You may soon embark on a cruise and might be wondering what documents you should prepare and take with you. So, the following cruise documentation requirements will help you get ready for the much-awaited voyage.

Insider Tip: You are solely responsible for your own research.  Cruisemore nor the cruise line will advise you on such legal issues. Please check with ivisa for more support. 


Cruise line companies issue the necessary cruise documentation about 1-2 weeks before sailing. Booking at short notice makes these documents only available as downloads in your online check-in portal with the cruise line. 

Make sure to review tickets, especially if consecutive back to back sailings are booked. Some cruise lines charge you for documents that need to be reissued.


U.S. and Canadian Citizens 

You must present a valid passport with at least 6 months validity if the cruise starts or ends outside of the U.S. You might also be asked to present a tourist visa by the particular countries visited.

U.S. and Canadian citizens need to provide either a valid passport or Enhanced Driver’s license for cruises to Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, Bermuda, Bahamas, or Alaska. In case the cruise departs from and returns round-trip to a similar U.S. port, passengers may instead present a certified copy or original government-issued birth certificate that is issued by the Department of Vital Statistics. 

Insider Tip: Please always check with governing authorities to make sure you have the correct documentation.

Non-U.S. Citizens 

For U.S. cruises, non-U.S. citizens need to have a passport together with a visa for entry into the U.S.

Chinese and European guests may require EVUS (China) and ESTA (Europe) on Transpacific and Transatlantic sailings.

Meanwhile, for international cruises, a passport with at least six months’ validity post return of the non-U.S. citizen sailing is necessary. If applicable, a supporting visa for entry and exit from a certain country is also required.

Insider Tip: All documents need to be original. If you use multiple documents both these documents should match your name on the reservation. If not, it might result in either delay or denial of boarding.

Determining and acquiring the required cruise documentation may look like a daunting task, but getting them as early as possible can lessen the stress. Besides, everything will be worth it when you reach your dream travel destination. 

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