A Quick Way to Pick the Right Cruise Just For You!

What should you look for in choosing the perfect cruise? In this article, we will help you pick the right cruise.

A Quick Way to Pick the Right Cruise Just For You!
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It may seem easy and simple, choosing the right cruise is as not complicated and not as difficult as Travel Agents portray. Yes, you will have to choose which cruise line, which itinerary, which ship as well as an embarkation port that is ideal for you, at the same time keeping in mind your budget and how long it will last. 

It will be easy for you with our simple straight forward booking system, and Video Support.

Let me also help you with expert advice! 

In this article I will answer the following very common questions:

  1. How Do I Choose the Right Cruise Line?
  2. What is the best destination for a cruise?
  3. Should I do a Short Cruise or Long Cruise?
  4. How Much Do I Need to Pay for a Cruise?
  5. Cruising Is Expensive. Is there One for My Budget?
  6. What if I Travel Solo?
  7. Will I Get Seasick?
  8. What is the best time to cruise?

How Do I Choose the Right Cruise Line?

For a lot of cruisers out there, the choice of cruise line starts with the perfect destination. Where do you wish to go?

After figuring out your destination, the next step is to know which cruise lines sail to those ports and then start narrowing down the options.

This can be done by yourself right here at Cruisemore Travel with our easy to use booking system. . Although If you need assistance don't hesitate to reach out to us

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If you don't like to fly to your cruise, then embarkation ports should be your starting point. 

Choosing a good cruise line is not an overwhelming and daunting task.  Travel Agents make it sound too complicated. It keeps them in business

What is the best destination for a cruise?

The majority of the cruise lines provide cruises from all parts of the world. Still, not every cruise line goes to all destinations.

Some are stronger than others in specific places. For example in Alaska: Princess, and Holland America cruise line control and govern there. Thus, Princess and Holland are able to package tours to Alaska in a manner most other lines cannot.

On the other hand, Carnival and Norwegian have always been the leading cruise lines that offer tours in the Caribbean, with more trips from more seaport than other lines.

Should I take a Short Cruise or Long Cruise?

Do you plan on going away for a while?

This could have a bearing on which ship and cruise line you settle on? Carnival lines, for instance, an expert in shorter voyages of 3 to 7 nights. Oceana, on the other hand, seldom offers a tour of lesser than ten nights. A few lines like Cunard offer yearly around the world voyage of almost 100 nights or more than.

So, let your schedule and dreams dictate the duration!

How Much Do I Need to Pay for a Specific Cruise?

Cruises, like hotels, come in an extensive array of prices with features to go along with.

Carnival and other mass-market lines provide itineraries for as low as $49 per head for a day. While Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn and other luxury lines can charge per person of up to $1,000 a day.

The rates will swing considerably; it depends on the season. A similar cabin on a similar ship will cost you a lot during the summer season than in the fall. The initially published rates for a basic sized cabin with no windows. You may pay extra for a stateroom with a balcony.

Keep in mind that the upfront cost of a cruise is just part of the rate, especially for the mass-market lines. While most cruise lines, onboard entertainment and meals in restaurants are in the base rate, you will still pay additional for optional speciality restaurants and speciality drinks, usually $10 to $30 per item. 

The exemption is at the high end, where more is integrated into the base fare and additional fees are rare. Regent Seven Seas and other luxury lines aside from shore excursions also include the expense of speciality restaurants, gratuities, drinks like fine wines and some pleasure trip in their upfront costs.

Insider Tip: It is vital to keep in mind that the smaller the size of the ship does not essentially mean better. For instance, a small cruise ship can lack onboard entertainment as well as meal options you may find on a large or middle size ship.

Is Cruising Is Expensive?

Cruises can give you a remarkable value for your cash. Considering that most onboard activities and food are integrated into the base rate, the whole holiday expense is often less than what you will dish out for a land holiday. Still, the onboard activities offered, the itinerary as well as the month or season you are cruising all play a part in the cost of your cruise. There are budget cruises available out there; all you have to do is to do proper research.

1. Start your search for timing that you feel very few people will be cruising ( colder months,  while children are in school...ect)

2. Cruise ships provide an array of cabin categories, all are offered at different price ranges. For example Inside cabins without a window are less costly than a suite cabin!

3. A specific month of the year is less costly to sail than others. When you take cruises in the Caribbean during storm season can save you more.

Cruise Ship

Cruise Personality

Every cruise line has its own personality, as well as appeal to various kinds of individuals. For example, Carnival is notorious for fun-loving, gregarious crows. On the contrary, Celebrity draws a style-conscious, quieter customer.

Sometimes it may feel hard to decipher the personality of a ship, without being on one.  Although my encouragement is to take these few things into account.

  1.  VERY short cruises usually have a younger adventurous personality.
  2.  Longer cruises usually have a laid back quiet personality.
  3.  Small cruise ships, usually have a more laid back personality
  4.  Larger ships, usually have a more active personality. 

What if I Travel Solo?

Those who are taking cruises alone may need to pay a single supplement, which can heighten the cost of a cruise.

The big exception is the Norwegian Cruise Line, who have compact but affordable and comfortable studio cabins. Norwegian seems to also, run more single rate promotions, where you will not have to pay a full double occupancy.  

What if I am Traveling with Group for Friends?

Larger your group may mean you save a considerable amount of money!

Cruise Companies are notorious for providing free tickets to passenger depending on the size of the group. At the very least most cruise lines provide a no-cost upgrade for the group leader, and a lot offer onboard credits to each in the group.

You will need to have us link your reservations together, which allows you to dine as one and have rooms in one area of the cruise ship.

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Can I Travel with My Kids?

There are cruise lines that are focused solely on families, such as Disney Cruise Line. There are lines that have designated onboard areas for kids, family pool areas, deck topwater parks, as well as amenities for kids.

As a whole, the biggest mass-market cruise ships are likely to be perfect for families, provided the extensive an array of deck-top activities.

Consider the Crowd!

There is considerable development in the size of cruise ships. They are getting bigger and bigger, thus accommodates thousands of passengers. Mega Size ships can accommodate up to 6,000 passengers, which is almost twice as many of the biggest cruise ships many years ago.

If you don't want a big crowd, then opt to smaller vessels that sail to places all over the globe.

As a whole, larger the cruise ship, the more it provides when it comes to fun, activities, entertainment as well as deck-top amusements.

Consider the Entertainment Offered

There are cruise lines like Norwegian, Disney as well as Royal Caribbean, know how to amaze and entertain their passengers. Their ships are providing big theatre stage productions. As a matter of fact, a number of shows are fresh off-Broadway, including shows like Chicago, Mama Mia, Jersy Boys, and Tangled.

As a whole, larger cruises provide diverse and elaborate choices than smaller vessels that have less space for big theatres.

Some small ships don't have entertainment, other than the destination talk or onboard lecture. When reserving your cruise with Cruisemore,  We share with you all the onboard entertaining on your ship!


Food plays a vital part in a memorable cruise experience, and a lot of cruise lines pride themselves on their wide selections of restaurants. Some focus more on the dining experience than others.

Oceana and Cunard employ the world's renowned chefs to prepare and manage eateries.

The selection of restaurants also differs extensively, with popular lines like Norwegian and Royal Caribbean providing lots of restaurants to choose from on some of their cruise ships.

Formal or Casual Dress

Your night outfit at sea differs from one cruise line to another. In general, cruise ships become less formal at this point.  If you want casual, then opt for Norwegian, in which the freestyle philosophy goes beyond the dress code, even pants are fine at dinner.

On the contrary, Cunard requires a gown for women and a black tie for men many times per week.

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Will I get Seasick?

Contemporary cruise ships are made for stability, with the latest technology like stabilizers for smooth and comfortable sailing. There is also a big improvement in weather prediction, so the cruise captain is able to determine bad weather ahead and cruise around it.

On the other hand, the sea is still unpredictable, so if you are known to suffer from seasickness easily, it is advisable to choose a larger ship which sails in calmer weather.

What is the best first-time cruise?

There are big disparities between cruise ships which fall into the majority segment like Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess, Carnival ship as well as Royal Caribbean and those who fall into the lavish segment like Regent Seven Seas, Silversea and Seabourn.

However, within each segment, the disparities are less apparent. MSC Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean focus on multi-aged families.

However, you will also find kids club on Holland America Line and Princess as well. Holland America attracts more mature demographics, however, that does not signify baby boomers would not want other lines, too.


With regards to cruises, suggestions from an expert are often indispensable. You have just received expert advice. Now you are equipped to make the best decision possible for you and your family!

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