8 Great Reasons Not To Use A Cruise Travel Agent

Is it necessary that you use a Cruise Travel Agent? Here are 8 reasons why you are better off without them.

8 Great Reasons Not To Use A Cruise Travel Agent
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Down the road of booking a cruise lies a fork! Whether you book everything by yourself or have an online travel agent do the booking for you. And with the evolution of online booking options, cruise booking is getting easier by the day.

Here are eight great reasons why you should not use a regular cruise travel agent and instead go for an online booking option like so many other people already do. After all, it is no rocket science. Here they are:


  1. Your solutions are crafted and curated just for you
  2. You may be interested in non-traditional travel components
  3. Do it for the fun of it
  4. The commission problem
  5. Mind the Communication Gap
  6. You may be an offbeat travel enthusiast!
  7. Better advice is available on forum
  8. Simple Trips Need Simple Solutions

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#1: Your solutions are crafted and curated just for you

You know your trip requirements the best. 

  • Like where you want to lodge? 
  • Which cities do you want to cover en route? 
  • What extras might you like in your package? 
  • What type of cruise?
  •  And most importantly, your budget for all of this! 

You also know where you can curtail expenses and where you would want to be generous. With all of these parameters in mind, we believe you can be the best planner of your own trip.

A recent survey of 1000 Americans from the age of 21-65 shows that 28% of the people do not prefer agents because they think that they will be sold packages and not solutions customized uniquely for them. 

#2: You may be interested in non-traditional travel components

Non-traditional travel components are motels, homestays, Airbnb, etc.  An agent will not take you down that lane. They won't make their commission! If you are doing it on your own, you should try all these options as these are pocket-friendly and can help you save some bucks.

#3: Do it for the fun of it

A do-it-yourself trip is a great idea indeed. Maneuvering your way through all the booking experience is fun. It will give you the ownership feeling, and most importantly, the trip will be curated just as you want it to be.

Plus, as you get more experienced in the DIY booking, you can reap incredible benefits, of which we will talk below. Furthermore, maybe you are adept at finding better deals and offers.

#4: The commission problem

Well, it is not exactly a problem. But this is the reason why a few cruise travel agents get pushy. 

The scenario is such that cruise lines offer a certain amount of commission to the agents on every deal. Most agents will influence you to opt for a more luxurious one, which you may or may not be willing to go along with. 

Although an agent may be well-versed with how the industry works, we believe no one can find better deals for your trip than you. So, save yourself from such scenarios, try booking your cruise with an online travel agent, right here at Cruisemoretravel.com!

#5: Mind the Communication Gap

Let's say, just for an example, you tell your agent that you want to go for a luxury cruise. But the idea of luxury is different for both of you. So, they book something too “over the top”, not up to your expectations. 

These types of surprises can ruin your dream vacation and tarnish good memories.

#6: You may be an offbeat travel enthusiast!

If you are an offbeat travel enthusiast or are picky about things, or even if you have a complicated itinerary, then trust us; you are better off making your bookings online on your own.

For example, if you want to visit some offbeat destinations before you embark on the journey, and you have a complicated itinerary for that: multiple flight boardings and trains and vehicle rentals. Then surely you must give DIY a shot. 

As it will be tough explaining all of this to a cruise travel agent, and there are chances that you might not get what you precisely want. This process with an agent can become very time-consuming.

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#7: Better advice is available on forums

Indeed this is true. Websites like Tripadvisor are out there and have a very active community that gives excellent free advice!

These are the people who have been there and experienced all of that already. So, getting advice from them is a treasure trove. Your agent has not been on many of these cruises personally, but these people have been there and they know the best.

And anyway, you will have to research a bit even if you did hire an agent, so you can as well try to do a little more and book for yourself. Trust us; you won't repent. And who knows, you may even stumble upon a great deal!

#8 Simple Trips Need Simple Solutions

If your trip is a simple one, then mostly, you do not need a cruise travel agent. And indeed, that is the way most cruise trips are. Just land into the port city, stay for a while, and embark on your journey. 

Experience or no experience, if your trip is simple, then there is no reason to have a travel agent so just use an online travel agent like Cruisemore Travel.

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               Agents are not bad, just unnecessary!

As we end this article, we would like to emphasize that hiring a cruise travel agent is not bad, just unnecessary. We in no way want to demean the services that travel agents provide. Despite all the changes the industry has been through, it has still kept itself afloat.

But there are many reasons why booking online with sites like CruiseMoreTravel can help you save some bucks and make your trip more memorable. So, why not give online a try.


Summarizing, we can say that booking your cruise yourself can be one of the best decisions you have ever made. From:

  1. Handcrafted and curated trips just for you
  2. Booking non-traditional travel options
  3. DIY is just more fun
  4. No commissions
  5. No communication issues
  6. Travel the offbeat path!
  7. Better advice is available on forums
  8. Simple Trips Need Simple Solutions

DIY booking is a skill every travel savvy person must develop because it not only gives you a lot of scope for customization but also the feeling of owning your own itinerary. Try it for the fun of it. 

After all, as we said before, booking a cruise is not rocket science. Rather the easiest of travel bookings you can start DIYing with. 

So, that was all, and if you found the article useful, share it with your friends and fellow travel buddies.