What You Ought To Know -How To Book a Back to Back Cruise?

What is a Back to Back Cruise and How do they work?

What You Ought To Know -How To Book a Back to Back Cruise?
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When you are disembarking from your cruise, don't you feel like you would give away anything to prolong your cruise's tenure? Well, we can relate too! And we know just the answer to your dilemma. Cruise back to back! 

Believe us back to back cruises are so much fun!

You do not need to 'get to know' the ship all over again. We know, as you start getting to love the ship, your cruise is over. 

This guide includes everything about  B2B cruising. And we promise you will be a cruise maestro by the end of this article. But if you still have questions buzzing. Drop them below in the comments section. We will surely answer.

So, first of all, let's understand what exactly are back to back cruises?

Table Of Contents:

  1. What do you mean by a back to back cruise?
  2. What are the benefits of a cruise like this?
  3. What are the things to consider when choosing a B2B cruise
  4. General FAQs about what to expect on a B2B cruise
  5. 5 Essential tips when you cruise back to back!
  6. Packing advice for B2B cruisers
  7. Conclusion

What do you mean by a back to back cruise?

This cruise term means when you book two or more cruises consecutively.

It will still be a B2B cruise if you book the consecutive cruise on the same ship or a different one.

You can trace the same journey back or go-ahead to further ports. Many cruise lines offer itineraries where the same ship sails to further destinations. They do this, especially for those of you who prefer to cruise back to back.

What are the benefits if I cruise back to back?

As I said earlier, there are many benefits to this kind of cruising. Some of them are as follows:

  1. If your second journey is on the same vessel, you do not need to 'get to understand' the ship again. You already know your way around.
  2.  If it is the same route you choose, then you can better explore those cities again.                                   If you are proceeding for further destinations, you can explore more cities. It is a win-win situation either way.
  3. Cruises are so loaded with entertainment options that it is difficult to fully explore them in a week. Thus, a back to back cruise is an excellent way to utilize the ship's amenities fully.
  4. If you have the same cabin, you need not pack and unpack your belongings. Simply do the immigration process, and you are done. It's easy.
  5. When you cruise back to back, you get to board before everybody else (on the second leg). This gives you about 1-2 hours of solitude over the ship.
  6. Also, it feels great when you are on the second trip, and new passengers take your suggestion on which restaurant to choose, and which direction is the movie hall.
  7. Lastly, you get to enjoy under the Sun for a few more days!

There is a whole list of benefits of going on a cruise back to back! Take our word; you will love it.

And when you are ready to book your cruise, send us a message and we will get you a quote!

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What are the things to consider when choosing a B2B cruise?

Some points to keep in mind while choosing the perfect B2B cruise for yourself are:

#1: Do you prefer the same ship or changing the vessel

Both have their pros and cons.

If you prefer to remain on the same ship, it is excellent if both the legs' of your itinerary are different. Along with visiting so many places, you also get the comfort of the same room, steward, etc.

If it is different vessels that you choose, it is excellent too. This way, you get to experience two different atmospheres and sets of amenities.

So, it ultimately zeroes down to your priorities.

#2: Same cabin or a different cabin

Most people choose the same cabin for both legs if they have to sail on the same ship. You do not need to pack and unpack again. Sometimes, the line can surprise you with a cabin upgrade for the second leg.

Insider Tip:  Ask if there is an upgrade approximately 1 day before you finish your first leg, (new manifest is usually in) or after you leave port on embarkation day. On the other hand, some cruise lines have a "waitlist", in this scenario, earlier the better. 

You surely, will not mind packing your belongings then.

#3: Tenure

10 to 14 days is usually a reasonable tenure. But you can even opt for a month-long or longer cruise. It all depends on you. 

#4: Itinerary choice

It can be whatever you wish for. Many long-duration Back to Back cruises crosses different hemispheres!

What to expect on a B2B cruise

Here are a few FAQs on what to expect on a B2B cruise.

#1: What is the boarding process for the second leg if I am on the same ship?

This is where a B2B cruiser's privilege resides. If you are on the same ship, you do not need to go through the customs once again, at most ports.

When your ship docks, you get down from the ship and re-board, just to fulfil the immigration process.  You can leave your luggage in your room. And all of this is a quick process as B2B cruisers board before all other new passengers.

Do you see that yet? This is the time when you get the whole ship to yourselves; Just the ship staff and you. Usually, it is about one to two hours of clicking photos and relaxing in your favorite spot.

#2: What if I want to get off the ship after clearing immigration for the second leg?

If you do want to get off the ship, then you can definitely do that. If you do so, remember, you will leave with the old key card and enter with the new one.

Insider Tip:  Reach out the Guest Services to receive the instructions on re-boarding and get your new key card 2 days before the end of your first cruise.  The Service desk is too busy on disembarkation day to handle these issues. You will get better service.

#3: What if I want to change my room on the same ship?

You will need to shift your luggage to your new room during the changeover. It is a tedious task many times. So, mostly stewards help you out.

If there is help, pack your belongings from the shelves and drawers and leave the clothes in the closet. Once you have done this much, the steward will shift your luggage to your new room.

Then Tip them.  It pays off in the end!

#4: Do I have to attend the muster drill again?

Yes, that is a must. However, the drill might seem unnecessary. But, still, according to rules, it is a must-do.

#5: What if I cancel one of the two cruises from my package?

Well, here is a potential drawback. You cannot cancel one of your bookings if you have booked a cruise back to back the package. If one of them is canceled, you have to cancel the whole cruise.

Insider Tip: Unless, you let us book two separate reservations for you, that way they are treated separately. There are other benefits of this as well. 

5 Essential tips when you cruise back to back

Back to back cruises demand a little more planning than a single cruise. So, here are a few tips that can come in handy while you cruise back to back.

  1. Book Early! I cannot emphasize it enough. Especially when you want the same cabin for both the legs, you need to book in advance.
  2. The food and other entertainment options are limited during the changeover. So, have a hearty meal before the change.
  3. In case you had a wine package during the first part of the cruise. And some of the wine is still pending. Then worry not, inform the main dining room steward to carry it over to the cruise's second leg.
  4. If you get familiar with a waiter in your first leg and want the same one for your second leg. Inform the head waiter, and they will make sure you have your favorite waiter for the rest of your cruise.
  5. Lastly, you can take up a B2B2B cruise.