Airport Transfers

How do you use airport transfers to and from the cruise port? We will answer just that question.

Airport Transfers
Bus Transfer

Are you booked on a cruise and looking for ways to get to the cruise port? 

Or maybe you are planning way ahead and just want to be prepared?

In this article, I will share various ways of transportation from the Airport to the Cruise Terminal. 

If you decide to book transportation directly through the cruise line, see the bottom of this article for a link to your respective cruise line, where you can get more specific information.

Getting to the cruise ship from the airport will depend on how close it is to the airport as well as how convenient you want it to be. Some cities have easy transit options such as buses and trains, from the airport to the city center while others do not.

Here are your options:

Highway Transfer


Every airport has official taxis that can serve the passengers. Some taxis require advance bookings and need to wait for other passengers, while others are the opposite.

This method of transportation is affordable, especially when traveling in a group, and the airport is not far.

However, if passengers have a lot of luggage and the port is more than an hour from the airport, this option might not be the most economical.

Other Public Transportation 

Public transportation options like subways, buses, and trains are another way to get to particular cruise ports. This airport transfer option is cheap, especially if the passengers are already staying in a hotel near the port city.

On the downside, passengers need to carry their luggage by themselves before they maneuver them onto the crowded buses or trains. They also need to determine the fares and stops, which may be difficult for inexperienced travelers in foreign countries.

Shared or Private Vans 

Private transportation companies provide shared, or individual van rides to cruise passengers. This option is an ideal option when traveling with a large group. It can also be the most economical if the port is a distance from the airport. 

It is advisable that you book the airport transfer in advance. You also need to perform some research to figure out which company is the most reputable and has the best pricing.

Hotel Shuttles 

In case you plan to have overnight in the embarkation city, several hotels offer a transfer service.

Some hotels located in the port cities offer a shuttle service, where the cost is included in the price of their stay. Other hotels offer this service for free. So, you have no problem with their departure in the morning. 

The only downside is that some hotels may only have a few shuttles that will go to the port each day. This means that you will not have full control over when you will get to the port.

Cruise Line Transfers

While most cruise lines offer airport transfer services for you, some don’t. Check below by following the links to your cruise lines support page that specifically discusses their options on Airport Transfers.

Our recommendation is to book an airport transfer service with the cruise line if you are looking for the most convenience! We can reserve that for you if you are already booked on your cruise.  If you have yet to book yourself on a cruise, the option to reserve it is given to you on step 4 when booking your cruise!



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